Jurisdiction of the Reconciliatory Council

Jurisdiction of the Reconciliatory Council
Jurisdiction of the Reconciliatory Council

Jurisdiction of the Reconciliatory Council
Article Nineteen: The Reconciliatory Council shall discuss and consult with all candidates after the lapse of the administrative and judicial appeal period in order to convince any candidate to willingly withdraw their nomination.
Chapter Six:
The Presidential Election:
Nomination for the Presidency
Article Twenty:
1- No less then 100 people from each province from no less than one-half of the total provinces of Sudan and who meet voter eligibility requirements shall nominate any person who meets the requirements for the Presidency for the position of the President,
2- It shall be provided in the nomination application the name of the candidate, their address and their qualifications, the names of the people who nominated them, their addresses and qualifications. Also attached must be the candidate’s written approval of their nomination,
3- The candidate pays no fees. However, the person who nominates a candidate has to pay a nomination fee, and the candidate has to pay insurance money in accordance with the rules.
The Presidential or Local Magistrate Candidate’s Obligations
Article Twenty-one: No one shall be nominated for presidential or local magistrate position unless the following are satisfied:
a) A commitment to adhere to the constitution,
b) A resignation-approval certificate if the candidate was a public employee,
c) A declaration by the candidate that they were independent or belonged to a grouping registered according to the Organizing of Political Allegiance Law for the year 1998.
The Commission’s Placing of the Presidential Nomination’s Rules
Article Twenty-two:
1- The Commission shall place the rules and time schedules for the nomination according to eligibility, and for the appeals and the resolution of these appeals,
2- The Commission shall place the rules and time schedules for the fair exposing of the Presidential candidates,
3- The Commission shall conduct the voting course and set the time schedule and the regulations for this course.
Chapter Seven:
The Ballot
Designating and Regulating the Ballot Center
Article Twenty-three:
1- The Commission shall designate the ballot centers to receive voters taking into consideration their closeness to voters’ homes. The Commission shall also regulate the working of these centers, their duration, their conclusion, their order and their cleanness of any form of electoral corruption,
2- The Commission shall make arrangements to help handicapped or illiterate individuals, and to gauge election slips and election boxes, and to tally the votes with every precision, revise the tally and reach a result,
3- The Commission shall organize the acceptance of the nominees’ delegates and their attendance of the voting and counting processes.
The Conscientious Observers
Article Twenty-four: The Commission shall appoint legal or judicial or other conscientious observers in consultation with the authorized authorities to improve the procedures and to constitute the general certificate for the lawfulness and the impartiality of the elections.
The Election’s Results
Article Twenty-five:
1- The Higher Council with full constituency shall decide the result of the elections in the following manner:
a) If all other nominees withdrew their nomination leaving only one winning by consensus,
b) If one of the nominees won by getting the highest votes,
2- The result shall be yielded to the Commission, and any appeal will be filed with it according to the rules, then the Commission shall decide if a revision is required and declare the validity or invalidity of the final results as soon as possible,
3- When the Commission declares the final results, they become a fait accompli and no judicial or administrative appeal shall be heard concerning them,
4- The Commission shall declare the election results through audio-visual media.

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